CCS Course Catalog

Core Courses:

Cultivating Cannabis 101:
This science-based introductory course provides new growers with the knowledge needed to cultivate cannabis from seed to harvest. Classroom time will cover the fundamentals of a successful grow space and proper care for cannabis at all stages of the grow.

Attendees will be invited to explore the grow facility and participate in hands-on gardening with live cannabis specimens.

Student will walk away from this course able to germinate, clone, grow harvest, and cure Cannabis L. Sativa. 

Cultivating Cannabis 102:
This course assumes attendees have either taken the introductory course, or already have a basic understanding of how to cultivate cannabis from start to finish.

The advanced grower’s course aims to improve upon a grower’s existing skill set and knowledge base.

Students will receive hands-on training that includes pruning, cropping, and topping live cannabis specimens. The course will also discuss the strategies behind these advanced cultivation techniques to help students better understand when to employ them in the grow space.

Students will then go on to study and identify several plant stress expressions and how to correct them.

Students will study and identify common cannabis pests as well as multiple integrated pest management solutions.

This knowledge will help growers to prevent and quickly identify potential problems before they turn into disaster.

Elective Courses:

Exploring Medicinal Cannabis:– learn about terpenes, cannabinoids, and your body’s endocannabinoid system and gain a better understanding of the science behind the medicinal properties cannabis has to offer.

Intro to Hydroponics:– learn to grow hydroponically while exploring different scale-able setups, and get some hands-on time with our demonstrative “deep water culture” and “aeroponic” systems.

Cooking with Cannabis:– this course teaches the science behind activating THC and other cannabinoids for use in cooking and baking. Take home the skills needed for crafting tasty and potent edibles.

Understanding Chemical Nutrients:– gain a better understanding of the nutrients needed for plant life and to how keep them available for maximum growth and yield.

Photosynthesis and Light Spectrum:– take a deeper look at the processes that make photosynthesis possible and the influences of light spectrum on plant growth.

Certification Programs

Colorado Cannabis School currently offers two certifications programs:

Caregiver Certification

Cultivating Cannabis 101

Cultivating Cannabis 102

Intro to Medicinal Cannabis

One elective (student’s choice)

Apprentice Grower Certification

Cultivating Cannabis 101

Cultivating Cannabis 102

Intro to Hydroponics

NPK: Understanding Inorganic Nutrients

One elective (student’s choice)

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