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The CCS Culture of Cannabis and Science

Colorado Cannabis School provides a thorough education on the cultivation of Cannabis L. Sativa and its therapeutic potential. Our students explore biology and botany on live specimens while learning horticultural best practices in a real-world setting.

Information and techniques are taught from a rigorous curriculum backed by scholarly research (e.g. pubmed) and published works from the American Society of Plant Biologists.

Whether you’re interested in recreational or medicinal applications, you’ll find an immersive and complete educational experience at CCS.

Learn to grow top-shelf medicine the right way.

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Why Colorado Cannabis School?

Our weekend long introductory courses provide new growers with the knowledge needed to successfully cultivate from seed to harvest. Classroom time covers the fundamentals of a successful grow space and proper care for cannabis at all stages of life.

Give us one weekend, and we guarantee you’ll leave with these skills:

  • seed germination
  • cloning from cuttings
  • growing for structure
  • training & pruning for maximum yield
  • harvesting
  • curing

Crave something a little more? Check out some our electives:

  • Exploring Cannabis as Medicine
    • Learn about the human endocannabinoid system and how cannabis research has exposed new possibilities in the field of medicine.
  • NPK: Understanding Inorganic Nutrients
    • Explore plant essential nutrient uptake, utilization, deficiency, and fertilizer bio-availability.
  • Photosynthesis and Light Spectrum
    • Gain a better understanding of how photosynthesis works and the effects of light spectrum on plant growth.

 Colorado Cannabis School currently offers two certifications programs:

Apprentice Grower Certification
Caregiver Certification

Located in the Beautiful Rocky Mountains

On scenic Ute Pass in view of the awe-inspiring Gore Range

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