Alumni Testimonials/Reviews

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"The Colorado Cannabis School was truly a "5 out of 5 star" experience. I enjoyed everything about the class and am already booking my next trip! The course materials were well constructed, easy to follow, and comprehensive. The excitement that Tim and Mike bring to the classes was contagious; they both really care about making the class enjoyable while also ensuring that you leave with a complete understanding of the grow process. I liked the chance to apply what we learned during the hand’s on sections of the class. I would encourage both beginners and those with growing experience to check-out the Colorado Cannabis School soon. Thanks to Tim and Mike for everything – the chance to learn from you both, your excitement for teaching others, and for your hospitality. I look forward to attending another class soon!"

Chris V. Pharmacist Cultivating Cannabis 102 February 1, 2017

"My cousin and I sign up for the growers 101 class and let me say it was well worth it. So much knowledge and passion on the topic. Class was organized well. The environment Mike and his team created is top notch. Very welcoming, friendly and makes you feel at home. For any one that wants to learn anything cannabis related(the right way), come check this place out. I will definitely come back next time I'm in Colorado."

Rodrigo Alva Cultivating Cannabis 101 July 20, 2017

"Both instructors offered a comprehensive, scientifically-based rubric for novice and advanced growers alike.  They generously allocated time and diligence to answer student questions on all topics in need of further clarification, in addition to those addressing individual students' personal interests. Ultimately, these guys are certainly experts within the purview of all aspects cannabis horticulture - capable of expanding the rapport of varsity cultivators or introducing newbees to the science of herbal agriculture.  As a scholar with prior background as an apprentice, I strongly insist on CCS' curriculum as a must for enthusiasts at every level of education; recognizing said curriculum is adjustable to accomodate any previous experience (and to those lacking it). Hands-on practicals and classroom environment reinforce course lessons and more effectively assimilate lecture information.  A must for everybody interested or already pursuing professions that deal with cannabis horticulture."

Jeffery Spitz Apprentice Grower Certification Program August 19, 2017