Modern Medical Uses

  • Drugs species are grown for their resinous trichomes, found abundantly in female flowers.
  • Cannabis trichome resin contains hundreds of chemical compounds, many of which have powerful medicinal properties.

These chemicals can be broken down into two classes:

  • THC (anti-inflammatory and analgesic (Russo, 2011), neuroprotectant (Hampson et al., 1999), reduces intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma, alleviates spasticity and muscle tension (Pacher et al., 2006))
  • CBD (modulates THC-induces psychoactivity (Russo and Guy, 2006), anti-tumorigenic (Backes, 2014), anti-inflammatory (Nagarkatti, Prakash et al., 2017), and anticonvulsant (Jones et al., 2010))


  • a-pinene (enhanced mental focus, bronchodilator (Falk et al., 1990), anti-inflammatory (Gil et al., 1989), memory aid (Perry et al., 2000))